Build your business on a solid foundation.

Accounting is your foundation. A bookkeeping process that is in good order provides a sound basis for the year-end accounts, which in turn set out the direction for your company's future development.
So it's a real advantage to have an accounting partner who is experienced, interested and competent.

Traditional or modern? Our system is perfectly suited for those who want to share ongoing work with us, whether you prefer a traditional workflow or our modern cloud solution online. We take care of precisely the amount of work you want help with, and can step in for certain periods or in urgent situations.
Just let us know what you prefer! 

Easing the load with added value. Many of our customers choose to do their own customer invoicing, supplier payments and payroll administration, while we assume responsibility for bookkeeping, year-end accounts, tax declarations and annual reports.
More and more companies are using our smart web-based solution, with software that makes your figures available to both you and us, and that also provides better support for reporting and analysis. Goodbye to duplicated work! Hello to a better overview and correct base data for decision-making!