Electronic invoice processing.

Electronic is easier. Electronic invoice processing (EIP) makes it a little less complicated to be a business owner and is suitable for businesses of all sizes.
We're happy to add you to the host of satisfied customers who no longer have to look around for original invoices and browse through binders.
We offer a number of different EIP solutions and have systems that suit your business, whether your invoice flow is big or small.
The web-based interfaces are user-friendly, and as we give you a fixed price per invoice, the cost to you is transparent. Cost-efficient – savings in both time and money. Safe – tried and tested system solutions. Accessible – access any time, anywhere. Control and overview, updated electronic flow and good support for reports. A more modern way of working in a modern world. Are you tired of browsing through binders, digging out originals and copy invoices that have disappeared among the mountains of paper in the office? And if you scan your invoices into a web-based solution, you have a modern, smooth way of working.

At Baker Tilly Sverige we help our customers to implement electronic invoice processing (EIP). We have the software programs and the know-how that's needed to help you set up a company-specific solution. This means we can guarantee an efficient, secure process, and the positive effects soon become evident.
Is electronic invoice processing suitable for us? Our solutions are aimed at all kinds of companies and organisations. They are suitable whether you have a big or small invoice flow. The web-based interfaces are user-friendly and safe, and give you the flexibility to work wherever you are.

For those who need not only basic invoice processing, but have a business involving stock management and production control, functionality can be added. This enables you to improve and rationalise your processing and reconciliation between agreements, purchase orders, deliveries and invoices. Last but not least, you'll be given a good idea of what it will cost in advance, as we can work out a fixed price per invoice for you.
Day-to-day work and controls. Once the invoices have been scanned in, they're easily accessible in the system. All you need to do is to work with account coding and electronic attestation on the basis of your internal rules, which are set up from the outset in the software program.

The existing standard reports are user-friendly, comprehensive and give you good control over suppliers, paid and unpaid invoices, and where an invoice is in the attestation flow. Smooth functionality to search and sort information also enables you to generate various summaries of suppliers and purchases. This gives you good base data for decision-making when you're negotiating purchase prices and identifying unprofitable counterparties. Original invoices must be archived for a statutory period, usually at your premises. They are stored electronically in the system's archive and can easily be located.
Only benefits. In our experience, the benefits for you essentially emerge straight away, even for a business with a modest number of invoices each year.
So why hesitate? Take the step towards a simpler, more modern work method!