Improve your profitability analysis - we know we can make a contribution.

We can act as a good sounding board to further develop your company's costings and calculate, for example, prices with full cost cover and marginal cost analyses.

Profitability analysis – past – present – future
We can help you with an independent view of your status, e.g. at the last year-end accounts, and also looking ahead based on the current situation. On the basis of your financial reporting and liquidity trend, we can discuss sales trends, profitability, customer status, investment needs and capital requirements.

And if you want to look even further ahead, we can also help you with that. For example, it's quite common that only through a simulation do you become aware of how great an impact you can make on capital tied-up and liquidity by means of working actively on the assets and liabilities on your balance sheet.

Competitor analysis - stay alert and lead the way! Successful companies keep a close eye on their competitors - make sure that you're one of them. In many industries it's every bit as important to keep track of what your competitors are doing and how they're performing as it is to follow up on your own business. This can be decisive when it comes to increasing your market share or maintaining stability in a recession.

An analysis of your competitors' finances and key indicators compared with your own year-end accounts is a good benchmarking exercise, which we help you to perform in a simple way. With the aid of our experienced consultants, you can look into the future and keep one step ahead of your competitors.
Investment calculations - the right investments at the right time. The right investments are important for a company's competitive strength, but you have to evaluate the options to make the right decision. Baker Tilly Sverige has the experience needed to help you evaluate the financial conditions for individual investments or major upgrades of your machinery. We can compare the costs of your current machine with the new one, and present this to you in an easily understandable way.
The best result is usually achieved if we're involved at an early stage and can help you to evaluate several different alternatives, but we also offer quick responses to ad hoc questions if you feel you need support in the decision-making process.
Product costings. Improve your profitability with good product costings. Profitability in a company is very much about how actively you work with and understand your product costings, whatever kind of business you're running.