Sales and acquisitions of companies. Due diligence - a business changes owners.

Whether it's the stock exchange launch of an expanding company, or selling your business on to a new owner, a lot of questions and emotions are triggered for both seller and buyer. Both parties want the best possible price. The seller wants someone who will look after the company in future. The person taking over and investing money wants to know as much as possible and avoid unnecessary risks and unpleasant surprises.

We have a breadth of experience of the processes involved when ownership changes. Both seller and buyer benefit from thorough groundwork before a transaction. Due Diligence is a method and approach in which the buyer, or someone engaged by the buyer, obtains background data and analyses the company from various aspects so that they can negotiate with the seller and make a good purchasing decision. We at Baker Tilly can be a great help to you by conducting a Due Diligence assignment. We can help you with the review or act as an ongoing sounding board for your own work in the acquisition process. Areas that we look at are: finance, customers and operations, agreements and corporate documentation. You're given high-quality base data on which to base your decisions.

In our experience, base data and analyses from the seller are often non-existent or inadequate. There are all kinds of scenarios - from cases in which the seller only provides information in closed forums to those in which we're given full access to employees at the company. The purpose of Due Diligence is to locate unknown information, potential risks and inaccuracies. There are lots of things to consider, so it can feel good to have someone at your side who's done this many times before.
A party who's working for you and who knows what demands you can make as well as creative ways of finding out what you need to.

We're curious, determined and inquisitive - so that we can offer you the best possible support.
Selling your company - a life's work for sale. When a small business changes owners, more often than not it involves a life's work that has been built up by someone over a number of years. A lot of time and emotion has been invested, and ideally you'd like to know that you have a committed buyer. And naturally you also want to be paid a fair price for the value created.

As a seller, is can be difficult to view what you've worked with over a long period with totally objective eyes. Even if a sale is the right one, many people find that the process in which the buyer can argue the toss about profits, procedures and agreements to be the most wearing part of a transfer. As an external buyer, it's quite natural that you won't look at the company with the same, emotional eyes, but will be rationally assessing whether or not it's a good deal.
What can Baker Tilly Sverige help you with? We can help you to review the business and your organisation in plenty of time before a buyer wants to do the same. This enables you to make sustainable changes, hand over your company with pride and secure a good price.
What we know with certainty is that the earlier you get on with this work, the more you can increase the value of the business and the better things will go when you get to the negotiating table.
We can be anything from your negotiation partner to an extra resource in the process of change. We have employees or business partners who can help in most areas: finance/accounting, law, purchasing/logistics, HR, IT and company management.