Every company deserves a good auditor.

We like figures, but we love people. Whether there's a requirement for an audit of your company or whether you chose to have one yourself, your business deserves a really good auditor. All auditors have a duty of confidentiality and must provide you with an independent review for the quality assurance of your accounts. But not all of them understand people as well as finances, as our auditors do.

Your reality is our reality. At Baker Tilly, we consist of a number of small and medium-sized firms that are run, just like your company, by independent entrepreneurs in owner-managed companies. This means we're similar to our customers and have an understanding of your business and your everyday routines. 

An important relationship. Surprisingly few customers actively choose to have an audit; it's surprising in view of the insight that the auditor has into the company's accounts and its business activity. Choosing an auditor that you trust, are happy with and who is happy in his or her job gives you both reassurance and credibility.